1900-2000 trends and how they relate to Astrological transits.

try this first: Astrological Themes In The Twentieth Century

Below: Pluto in Sagittarius, Neptune leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, Uranus in Aquarius

Clinton Impeachment- Picks up where the O.J. trial leaves off as far as continuing the theme of celebrity crisis as television miniseries. There are many threads here, the most promising being the exposure of the fanatical American Right Wing's true anti-pleasure agenda. In it's role in discrediting the Conservatives I see this as a Uranus/Aquarius event, bringing issues of liberty, human rights and democracy into focus. The other element of the saga relates to the theme of exhaustive sensationalism beginning with Pluto in Scorpio's obsession to reveal that which is hidden but reaching unprecedented heights under Pluto in Sag's tendency toward rhetorical moralizing.

Market Mania- Sagittarius speculates, Aquarius seeks global community. Online trading from Ebay to Ameritrade pushes internet stocks and the Dow Jones to beanie-baby like proportions. The obsession to buy and sell infiltrates our every endeavor. Art, music, entertainment, and intangibles of all sorts are commoditized and pitted against each other in money-sport competition, complete with the Sagittarian play by play and voluminous statistic- -laden, dick-measuring spectatorism.

WWW/Online Services- As the Uranus/Capricorn infrastructure of the internet ripens under Uranus in it's ruling sign Aquarius, the world wide web reveals it's potential as a textbook of Aquarian influence at work... Suddenly there is a way for individuals to relate in a cosmos stripped of all prejudice based on race, age, wealth, nationality, or gender and it's virtually free of charge. Quietly the web is established as the first world wide true democracy and has accelerated the transformation of the global economy into pure abstraction. The Aquarian metaphor of the water-bearer and it's association with all forms circulation can be applied nicely to the invisible vistas of cyberspace.

Viagra- Saturn, being Capricorn's ruler and Aquarius's co-ruler, is associated with old age. Look for more technological breakthroughs in the service of the elderly under the Aquarius cycle of Uranus.

Antidepressants- Prozac and it's ilk I think are another Saturn influence owing to their popularity under both Capricorn and Aquarius cycles. Saturn's influence is generally serious and depressive so that the relief promised by antidepressant drugs balances out the heaviness without losing the sense of control which is so important to Saturnian goals.

Below: Pluto enters Sagittarius, Neptune in Capricorn, Uranus leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius

O.J. Simpson Trial- This event captures public attention because it symbolically illustrates the transition of Pluto from negative Scorpio influences (violence, obsession, lust, vengeance) to the negative Sagittarius qualities (hypocrisy, sensationalism, amorality). It also promotes Caprcornian class divisions and racial disharmony illustrated earlier in the Rodney King Beating.

Internet- As the urban infrastructure was built under the previous Capricorn cycle, the modern manifestation of Uranus through Capricorn is the construction of the skeleton of the global information society of tomorrow. Silicon & Networks= Concrete & Roadways. The "Information Superhighway" is an appropriate metaphor.

Mutual Funds- IRA's, 401k's, and the proliferation of mutual funds is an outgrowth of the financial restructuring under Pluto/Scorpio and is the engine behind the explosion of speculative investment (Pluto/Sag) in a in the stock market. As the development of online financial services sinks in, the potential for a true global economy (Uranus/Aquarius) based on trading and gambling (Pluto/Sag) can be realized.

Militias- A generally well-intentioned but often misguided trend in the Aquarian vein of Libertarian self rule and Sagittarian pontificating. Also typifying Sagittarian feel-good idealism "The Promisekeepers" and "Million Man March" reveal themselves more promise than keeper.

Power Rangers- Mighty, Morphin' Strikes a chord with kids adapted to the high energy lifestyle of the Sagittarian cycle. I don't know enough about this entertainment franchise to comment much further, but the jubilant ass-kicking they perform seems Pluto/Sag to me.

Below: Pluto completes Scorpio, Neptune in Capricorn, Uranus in Capricorn (conjunct Neptune).

Gangsta Rap- The violence and sexuality of underworld Scorpio meets the icy, criminal, urban side of Capricorn. N.W.A. and others pick up where punk left off with this raw expression of a coarse and desperate time.

Fax Machine- Uranus in Capricorn = Technology in Business. The first document teleportation device increases business throughput.

Fedex- Another Uranus in Capricorn innovation serves to accelerate business processes.

CNN- What could be more Uranus in Capricorn than 24-hour news? Cable TV in general, along with Reagan's deregulation of commercials updates tv to the high velocity, business dominated forum we still know today. The remote control, like the computer mouse and keyboard, become organs of expression for the disjointed and hyperactive information age.

Cell phones, Pagers- Why stop working just because you're not at work? Why stop working Ever? More acceleration of business and business intrusion into our lives from the realm of Capricorn.

Grunge- Instantly co-opted by pop merchandisers, the Seattle based style has a leaden, Saturnian quality of blunted anti-sentimentality and ironic self-cynicism. The spirit also reflects the poverty-consciousness of the heavy Capricorn period.

Fall of Communism- Uranus=Revolution, Neptune=Communism. Their conjunction in Capricorn marks the historic dissolution of the Communist Bloc. The Berlin Wall is torn down under an exuberant Aries Moon in 1989. The Tianamen square demonstration revealed the politics of intimidation prevailing under the Scorpio/Capricorn transits.

Ninja Turtles- Teenage, Mutant Adult-oriented Capricorn has little more than merchandising-driven cartoon fare to offer children. Silly name openly advertises the contrived and thoughtless nature of kids entertainment.

Ebola, Flesh-eating bacteria- Some particularly vivid horrors from morbidly perverse Pluto climaxing in Scorpio.

Rodney King Beating- In the spirit of Tianamen Square, this example of Capricorn/Scorpio brutality proves that some street gangs are white men who wear police badges. Inspired riots in L.A. when Moon, Mercury, & Venus flare up in Aries.

Below: Pluto in Scorpio, Neptune and Uranus complete Sagittarius and enter Capricorn.

Macintosh- Computer design crystallizes with a Sagittarian penchant for portability. The mouse and Graphic User Interface represent a movement toward cybernetic symbiosis, as the ancient centaur is half horse, the modern computer jockey is half machine. A parallel can be drawn to the earlier Uranus transit through Sag which united man and machine in powered flight and the invention of the automobile.

AIDS- Pure Pluto/Scorpio. Sexuality, death, shame, secrecy, blood, needles, no cure. AIDS had it all and it changed the social environment in a dramatic and chilling way. Although AIDS continues to threaten, it no longer packs the psychological punch it did during the darkest days of the 80's.

CD's- Compact Discs, initially hyped as indestructible (Scorpio is about mortality), represent a couple of things to me. First as a Uranus/Sag innovation, the techno-clean look is characteristically Sag; progressive, sporty, and highly portable. Secondly, as part of the overall retreat from the depth and passion of the 60's. Owing to the small size of the CD and it's plastic packaging, the experience of recorded music changed completely from one of intimacy and reflection to one of convenience. This is an important indicator that the place of music, exalted under the outer planet transits through Virgo and Libra, has literally diminished to a now trivial, condiment status.

New Age- The embodiment of Neptune in Sagittarius. Thoughts create reality. Do what you love and the money will follow. Crystals. Past lives, inner child, alternative therapies. The goofy overpositivity and tautological platitudes are negative Jupiter aspects but there are also critically important philosophies that this movement brings to mass consciousness.

Iran/Contra- Pluto in Scorpio flashes a glimpse of the treacherous shadow government and it's ties to organized crime. Despite bogus trial outcome, credibility is undermined and the corruption of the military-industrial complex is revealed again.

SDI/ Strategic Defense Initiative- Neptune in Sag produces an unlikely scenario for transcending Nuclear war that was sold to the American government. Perhaps the threat of it accelerated the end of the Cold War and achieved the desired effect in an unexpected manner.

Chernobyl- This nail in the coffin of nuclear energy has a Pluto/Scorpio flavor to it, especially with it's connections to the Book of Revelation. Like the exploding space shuttle exposes problems with Big Science. The Icarus-like disaster has Uranus/Sagittarian overtones. Crusading Sagittarius falters when it's goal seeking disregards human life for the sake of an ideal.

fractals- Introduced into popular consciousness in the 80's, fractal geometry makes explicit a fundamental of cosmic design and thus furthers the Sag cause of seeking a Universal Order. Like the Mac GUI desktop, this Uranus/Sagittarius concept makes it's point with pure symbols rather than words so that they transcend the regionality of language. (Gemini, by contrast favors letters, numbers, and sounds).

holograms- At this time holograms begin appearing on stickers, credit cards, and the cover of National Geographic. Like the other Uranus/Sag idea of fractal geometry, holography illustrates a Universal Order and represents man's progress in understanding the cosmos (The holographic universe, blah blah blah). Although holography and the laser were not invented in this period, this is the time they enter ordinary life. Like the CD, holograms have a positive, futuristic Sagittarian spirit.

virtual reality- A hot concept in this time speaks about the Sagittarian goal of recreating the universe in our image. The speculation was technologically premature but as the hardware matures, this impossible dream may yet come to pass.

Below: Pluto completing Libra, Neptune in Sagittarius, Uranus transits out of Scorpio into Sagittarius.

New Wave- Sagittarian Neptune moves sentiment from rebellious Punk to spunky yet politically conservative dance tunes. Uranus in Sag brings more synthesized sounds into play and fashion moves to a clean, artificial look (which is Sag also because Sag is all about abstract principles and ideals)

MTV- Video kills the radio star under the influence of visual Sagittarius. A new language of video iconography is born.

YUPpies- Originally stood for Young Upwardly-mobile Professional. The baby boom generation sells it's soul for a BMW and a gold card. I think of Sagittarian goal seeking with laced with hypocrisy and artifice.

Pac Man- The age of Atari comes of age with brightly color computer graphics and a spunky less-violent theme. Contributes to and exemplifies the overall Libra/Sag/Sag mood of the time and I think qualifies as the first modern video game.

VCR, Answering Machines, Walkman- Video Cassette Recorders become affordable and the age of movie rental begins. I would group these three together as part of Uranus in Scorpio's drive to make technology personal and useful in the service of promoting privacy.

Comedy Clubs- Content-hungry cable tv and the jovial (Jupiter-ruled) nature of Sagittarius inspire the popularity of amateur comedy and births a whole host of new comedian stars.

Sushi Bar- Modular food icons, clean and visual sacraments of the Sagittarian era. High cost and clubby atmosphere add to the appeal for Japanese-business-courting-Yuppies. Novelty of raw fish in the Western diet reflects the influence of other-minded Libra bleeding into adventurous Scorpio.

Below: Pluto in Libra, Neptune in Sagittarius, Uranus enters Scorpio.

Punk Rock- Fermenting in the London underground music scene, Uranus in Scorpio dredges up the ultimate iconoclastic pop movement. Uranus=Behavior, Libra/Scorpio=Addressing/Challenging social mores. The combination is volatile and perceived as threatening to the status quo.

Disco- Uber-trendy pop movement is based on the synthesized soul of Neptune/Sag and the danceability of Uranus & Pluto in Libra (Libra rules the hips and booty). As Uranus crosses into Scorpio, the boogieing turns to slamming with the advent of Hardcore Punk.

Divorce- Wherever Pluto goes, it leaves a mess. With it's passage through the sign of marriage Pluto does for couples' relationships what AIDS does for sex when Pluto passes into Scorpio.

Drugs- The story of drugs in the 20th century begins with Neptune's transit through Scorpio and it's psychedelic self explorations. As Neptune pushes into Sagittarius, cocaine symbolizes the high living and high energy of the day. By the time Neptune hits Capricorn, the same substance now hardened into a crystallized rock and smoked as Crack comes to symbolize poverty and violence--the anti-glamour of the Capricorn/Scorpio era to come.

Cop Shows- Libra is the law, Scorpio is the crime and punishment, Sagittarius provides the backslapping comraderie. Cop shows had been around since the beginning of tv, but the Uranus/Scorpio transit may be what upped the ante on gratuitous violence.

Economy Cars, Saturday Night Specials- Cheaper cars and cheaper guns seem to flow from the Scorpionic imperative to get the job done without the frills. On the heels of the OPEC oil crisis, the smaller cars temporarily reduce American consumption of Plutoleum (it's black,subterranean, extracted by penetrating pump, and underlies the international power structure).

Ayatollah Khomeini- And the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism combines the religious orthodoxy of Neptune in Sag with the confrontational theatrics of Pluto/Uranus in Libra/Scorpio.

Studio 54- Pluto-Libra supplies the elitism, the dancing, and the gender-bending. Neptune-Sag brings the blow, Uranus-Scorpio pushes the sex and excess. What more could a 70's hedonist ask for?

Pong- The Age of Atari begins with a primitive computer arcade simulation of Ping Pong. Riding on the crest of the Uranus/Pluto Libra transits, Pong, like tennis uses one-on-one competition but passes it through the Sagittarian filter of visual iconography and high technology.

Below: Pluto transits from Virgo to Libra, Neptune in Sagittarius, Uranus in Libra.

Watergate- The granddaddy of televised American scandal marathons. This seminal event in modern political distrust underscored the lies and hypocrisy of Sagittarius' dark side plus the partisan nastiness of Libra. Bringing down the Nixon regime was the job of the Libra/Sag free press and ultimately led to the more open government of the Carter administration.

Vietnam- As the war drags on to a Libran stalemate, polarized public sentiment settles into entrenched postures. The courage and innocence of the 60's Vietnam protests is applied by politically savvy members of issue-oriented groups of all kinds. The ERA/"Women's Lib" movement particularly emphasizes Venus ruled Libra issues of gender and equality.

Terrorism- Pure Libra. Through the school of guerrilla/situationist tactics brought out of the Vietnam War and it's demonstrations, political extremists use hijacking, kidnapping, and other manipulations to attract publicity and force their issues into the mainstream. In this way an underrepresented minority achieves temporary equality with their larger political opponents.

Bisexuality/Transvestites- More Libra fascination with gender and the perspective of "the other". Libra's big on clothing too.

EST- Werner Erhard's controversial training has Libra interpersonal overtones as well as Neptune/Sag crusading-brainwashing. Self-hypnosis, religious cults, and encounter groups seem to be in the same vein.

Nixon- The President we loved to hate. Served as the perfect foil and focus of Libra/Sag political satire (think Doonesbury)

Below: Pluto in Virgo, Neptune transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius, Uranus in Libra (conjunct Pluto).

Moon Landing- The triumph of Uranus in Libra is largely an ornamental trophy adorning the winner of the Space Race, but the seeing image of Earth from the Moon is a deeper exploration of the Libran "other" consciousness and Sagittarian visual iconography. The Planet of the Apes, and 2001 reinforce this planetary perspective.

Kent State- Another tragedy martyrs counter-culture demonstrators but after many such brutal police actions augers the end of mainstream civil activism. Qualifies as a 60's is over icon.

Overdoses- Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Croce, Jim Morrison herald the end of open drug experimentation under Neptune's Scorpio transit. Drugs remain popular but symbolically ends sixties' drug advocacy and qualifies as another sign that the Pluto has reached it's Autumn Equinox.

Manson Family- Neptune in Scorpio=hippies & psychedelics, Neptune in Sagittarius=cults. Psychotic Charles Manson combined both influences and ended up demonizing the entire counter-culture, closing the curtain on the 1960's for good.

Below: Pluto in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio, Uranus in Virgo (conjunct Pluto).

The Beatles- Arriving in America during a massive planetary accumulation in Aquarius, the Fab Four evolved from moptop-pop stars to hippie idols through the power of music (Virgo). Pluto's earthshaking conjunction with revolutionary Uranus happened in the sign of Virgo. It is not so surprising that music, the perfect voice of Virgo intelligence and skill, would be the agent of tremendous liberation (Uranus) and social change (Pluto).

Civil Rights- Neptune in Scorpio is, among other things, the idealization of the underdog and the oppressed. Uranus/Pluto in Virgo prompts the individual to criticise what it understands to be toxic so that it can be purged. The theme of civil rights runs throughout the Virgo/Scorpio/Virgo period.

Marijuana & LSD- More from Neptune's Scorpionic journey within and Virgo's self-analysis motif. Yoga, meditation, and other techniques also were popularized at this time but chemicals illustrate Virgo's power to refine and purify in an Earthly medium. Also the pot growing goes nicely with the other Virgin-Mother motif of the 60's...Mother Nature.

riots & demonstrations- Pluto & Uranus conjunction bring powerful revolutionary awareness and Mercury ruled Virgo voices that awareness by complaining and communicating an intelligent statement of dissent.

hippies- Virgo is all about separating the useful from what is not. Discrimination, and separating oneself from society's values is the heart of the hippie movement. Music, nature, and self-knowing are also Virgo trips but the passion for defying the conventions of the time is more of the Scorpio element.

Berkeley- Ground zero for campus based activism. Virgo is the student/protege in perpetual self completion and it's communication is appropriately transmitted by college students.

birth control pill- Catalyst for the sexual revolution. Helps separate the Virgo ideal of romantic love from the Scorpionic process of procreation.

Space Race- The US and USSR try to outsmart themselves and develop the technology (Virgo) to transcend the bounds of the world (Scorpio).

Below: Pluto straddles Leo and Virgo, Neptune pushes from Libra into Scorpio, Uranus in Leo.

Camelot- JFK's administration had the beauty and romance one would expect from a Leo/Libra/Leo transit. The term Camelot implies a King (Leo) and knights of the round (Libra).

Rock n' Roll- Elvis is another kind of King and Rock n' Roll is as much about style & performance (Leo) as it is about music. Rock n' Roll is literally a musicalization of the experience of sex and it's popularity at this time echoes Neptune's movement from flirtatious Libra toward sexy Scorpio. Leo is all about the spotlight and Rock n' Roll stars shine even brighter than the film stars of Neptune/Leo.

drive-ins- What began as a family togetherness function of domestic Uranus/Cancer blooms into a hotbed of Leonian teen romance under the next Uranus influence. The automobile for a teenager in the 50's is the symbol of Leo status and a necessary component of it's idealized lifestyle.

Cold War- A Neptune/Libra stalemate between Eastern and Western philosophies produces an uneasy peace and sets the stage for Scorpionic espionage. Leonian pride quietly pushes the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation.

Below: Pluto in Leo, Neptune in Libra, Uranus in Cancer.

Baby Boom- Cancer=Birth, Libra=Marriage, Leo=Nuclear...Put them together and you have the Nuclear Family.

Television- The rise of this domestic technology during Uranus' Cancer transit replaced the radio as the center of family togetherness. In these early days, the programming expressed the Libra/Cancer ideals of the day; safe and pleasant, conventional and patriotic in the Father Knows Best spirit. By the 1990's, Uranus in Capricorn comes to fully oppose these sentiments with shows like Married with Children.

H-Bomb- Uranus in Cancer nurtures the atomic arsenal and it grows. Bigger nuclear bombs for big Leo-Plutonium egos keep the military-industrial complex expanding and the domestic economy flowing. Neptune in Libra glamorizes the build up as a sign that we are better than our Soviet adversaries.

Suburbia- Mass production is highlighted under home-loving Uranus/Cancer and conformist-minded Neptune in Libra. Uranus in Cancer births lots of new homes and fills them with electric kitchen appliances and tv dinners. The placid Neptune/Libra culture idealizes the suburban neighborhood with it's two car garages and white picket fences.

Below: Pluto in Leo, Neptune in Virgo and Libra, Uranus in Gemini.

World War II- Hitler embodies the worst of Pluto/Leo's dictators while Neptune brought Virgo's sense of duty and determination. As Neptune transits into Libra, the tide turns toward peace. Gemini's duality, evident even in the II symbol is close to the Gemini glyph. The splitting of the atom, of Germany, and even Berlin took place as did the twin atom bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Gemini's cryptography and tactical versatility combined with Libran alliances to win the war.

Atomic Bomb- Leo is the energy of the nucleus, Neptune/Virgo provides the spirit of sacrifice behind the war effort, and Uranus in Mercury ruled Gemini brings the mathematical genius behind the Manhattan Project achievement.

G.I. Bill- Gemini at work again, pushing for higher education and valuing intelligence and knowledge as a national resource. That never happened again.

Below: Pluto completes Cancer, Neptune in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus.

New Deal- Still under the Pluto/Cancer influence of material deprivation and the Neptune/Virgo compulsion for eliminating waste, the New Deal attempts to begin to build again with the Taurus transit of Uranus. All of these influences inspire the creation of Social Security and the FDIC.

WPA- Employs thousands in large Taurus constructions and Virgo improvements. Lots of Earth-moving and river damming going on. Also many artists are employed for public art, revealing the aesthetic side of Venus-ruled Taurus.

Nazis- The mixture of Pluto/Cancer's obsession with security and Neptune/Virgo's idealization of purity come to a head with Uranus' transit through reactionary Taurus. The naked aggression of the German War Machine inspires a massive world-wide industrial build up for the war using new materials and mass manufacturing technologies.

1939 World's Fair- A showcase of the new material of the modern synthetic world. Uranus/Taurus manifests the new concepts of the prior Aries transit and gives a glimpse of post-war affluence on the brink of the America's entry into the second world war.

Hindenburg- This 20th century icon is a blatant foreshadowing of the second world war as the Titanic sinking presaged the first. This "hydrogen bomb" explodes as Saturn enters the first degree of Aries. The airship disaster has Uranus/Taurus overtones by virtue of the blimp's service to Taurean luxury and in the probable cause of it's demise (current thinking suggests the hydrogen gas was ignited by a spark issuing from a restraining line, implicating the materials used and the importance of the "ground")

War in Europe- World War II, like all major historical events, spans the shift from one set of astrological influences to another. In this case, the dramatic outer planetary shift from the feminine signs Cancer, Virgo, and Taurus to the masculine signs Leo, Libra, Gemini. If I had to pinpoint a transition time, May of 1942 would be it (Saturn conjuncts Uranus in the last degree of Taurus). The Taurus period is marked by axis victories and the typically bullish style of sudden, direct ground attack with overwhelming force. By the Gemini era, air superiority, intelligence, mobility and tactical versatility gain prominence.

Pearl Harbor- Taurus is a sign of reaction rather than action. The attack on Pearl Harbor was what the US had been waiting for, a reason to join the war.

Below: Pluto in Cancer, Neptune leaves Leo and enters Virgo, Uranus begins Aries transit.

Stock Market crash- Uranus/Aries makes it's sudden appearance, reversing the Roaring 20's affluence and plunging the world into a Neptune/Virgo mood of depression and a Pluto/Cancer cycle of material scarcity.

Lindbergh's Flight- Solo transatlantic flight projects the Aries image of the modern hero.

Below: Pluto in Cancer, Neptune in Leo, Uranus in Pisces.

Roaring 20's- The roaring could be coming from Neptune's passage through the sign of the Lion. Lavish partying is de regeur and glamour is reinvented with a double dose of Neptune, one from the Leo transit indicating the apex of the Neptune cycle and two from Uranus in Neptune ruled Pisces. Pluto in Cancer begins to uproot people and families as they relocate with the promise of big city excitement.

Art Deco- Very Neptune inspired, the dramatic and cooly modern beauty stands for luxury and formal elegance even today.

Jazz- Another Neptune influence, stream of consciousness improvisation takes on a lively, Leonian quality.

Radio-The unearthly glow of the family radio brings an unconscious awareness of the invisible subtleties of the cosmos. Very Neptune and Leo. Radio dramas allow pure Leo acting and sound effects to transcend the constraints of the actor's physical presence and inflames the imagination to the light of the inner world.

Silent Films- Film is inherently Piscean - it deals with images developing in the dark, submerged in mysterious liquids. Film has become the medium for the expression of the collective dream...the province of Neptune. Before the advent of sound the moviegoing experience was a more distant proposition, a reflection of ghostly, projected dreams on a dark canvas.

Prohibition- Alcohol is Neptune related and it's prohibition only glamorized it more. Speakeasies and bootlegging financed the growth of organized crime which is itself Neptunian in its' insidious corruption and compulsive temptations.

Below: Pluto in Cancer, Neptune in Leo, Uranus in Aquarius.

Bolshevik Revolution- Uranus/Aquarius overthrows tyranny in its many forms. Around the same time labor unions form in the US and worker's rights are won.

League of Nations- The unsuccessful predecessor of the United Nations began as an Aquarian attempt at generating a global community but dissolved under the disillusionment of the Pisces cycle.

Below: Pluto changes from Gemini to Cancer, Neptune moves through Cancer to Leo, Uranus in Aquarius.

World War I- Uranus is sudden and shattering in it's ruling Aquarius. Poison gas is used - Aquarian in it's indiscriminate spreading through the air. The transits to Cancer and Leo indicate a cultural change toward more consolidation of power and greater resolve in the aspirations of civilization.

Titanic- Biggest ship sinks under one transit of Uranus/Aquarius, biggest movie recreates the sinking in the next same transit. Signals the change from Uranus in Capricorn by demonstrating class disparities in a concrete way. Also hints at the destruction and chaos just around the historical corner.

Below: Pluto in Gemini, Neptune in Cancer, Uranus in Capricorn.

Ragtime, Art Noveau- Have a breezy parlor quality that seems rather Gemini/Cancer.

San Francisco Earthquake- Under Uranus in Capricorn a disastrous quake in the Uranian city of San Francisco. There was another San Francisco earthquake during the recent Uranus transit of Capricorn (1989).

Below: Pluto in Gemini, Neptune in Gemini and Cancer, Uranus in Sagittarius.

The Wright Brothers and early flight- A readily apparent manifestation of Uranus/Sagittarius and Pluto/Neptune in Gemini. Sag is all about vehicles and travel; Gemini is about agility and the air element. Even the biplane design uses II wings with lots of Gemini struts connecting them.

Edison and inventions- By the turn of the century the outer planet transits through Gemini produce many clever inventions. Gemini is the Mercurial connection between an insight or idea (Aries) and a collection of materials (Taurus). Sagittarius corresponds to electrical energy (as Leo = solar/nuclear energy and Aries = combustion energy) and it is during this time that the widespread harnessing of electricity becomes possible.