The eighth level of complexity is the dimension of Value. As an extension of the symbolic seven, eight is the politicizing of symbols with value. Money, goals, government, economics, industry, capitalism, justice, etc. As the fourth dimension limits the first three, the eighth limits the spirit, soul, and mind with the laws of our material universe. The picture above shows symbols of money and the concept of profanity. The idea of profanity adds powerful weight to certain words or gestures giving them a social signifigance. The eighth dimension demonstrates is that relative standard of success by which ideas, people, symbols and by extension, races and nationalities are measured.

Eight is the human manifestation of gravity or earth. Time is Money only in the eighth dimension. Our feelings about class and status are related to how we view food and shit. Both are made of the same things, but while food is valued as the most basic currency, excrement is dispised and charged with moral jugment; unacceptable, untouchable, having negative value. It is interesting that the English language uses words like 'taste' to refer to empirical standards of judgment and class.

The Eighth Tarot card is either Balance or Strength, depending on which deck you use. Both are appropriate. The eighth dimension uses measurements like profitable, tasteless, and obscene. Eight uses the tools and understandings of seven for practical or destructive purposes. Eight what controls all the matter, energy, space, time, life, love, and truth in the universe. It's inclination is Evil and it's sense is olfactory (smell and taste both). I say evil not to be confused with chaos; in the cosmic sense, evil is the necessary fourth counterpoint to balance Law, Chaos, and Good. Evil in the cosmic sense is just the necessity to consume other life forms for survival, and to profit from others in general without necessarily invoking sins such as greed, lust, etc. Although, that being said, the love of money is probably the root of all evil. Isn't it?

In the spectrum, after violet seven merges the red of one with the deep blue of six, eight brings it back towards red, but at a higher vibration; a higher octave. Eight is another important mystical number, the eightfold path of Buddhism, etc..