Until this point, the first four dimensions agree with traditional geometric conceptions of the cosmos. The five is a major departure for some minds because it identifies organic life as having properties separate and progressed from the inorganic universe. While a rock can be here or there, large or small, heavy, light, older or newer, only a living creature can be healthy, sick, hungry, content, in pain or in comfort.

The fifth dimension is time squared. If the fourth dimension is the master clock of gravitational entropy in the universe, each organism is a microcosmic clock of 'syntropy'. Life is time folded in on itself, time within time...lifetime. The picture above uses color to symbolize the subjectivity of life, animals, plants, microorganisms all relating in the common pursuit; survival.

With life comes the invention of Freedom and the recreation of the universe within each living cell. Five is about growth, adaptation, and also oppression and death. In our lives we understand the fifth dimension as the sensation of touch.

Five is associated with the archetype The Hierophant, the Chaotic inclination, the human manifestation of the fire element called spirit, and the higher resonance of the number one.