The first, primary, and most fundamental feature of human consciousness / the universe / God would be the binary distinction. Something versus Nothing. Black / White, On / Off, One / Zero, Change / No Change, Yin / Yang. In the picture there is only dots and lines on a white background, symbolizing this quantum reality upon which all other reality is built upon. The color red is the first color of the visible spectrum, red can be thought of as the color of "one" or more correctly as the energy process by which "one" transforms black to red.

The 'one' force is related or indentical to the strong nuclear force, the element fire, the masculine polarity, the Magician archetype (Tarot) and is particulate or digital in nature.

Anthropological note: In cultures whose language only recognizes a single color, Red is always the color to be differentiated from non color (i.e. some languages only name "dark", "light", and "red").