The mysterious seventh dimension is the layer of mind, symbol, Truth, and communication used almost exclusively by the human race (you could argue for primates and extraterrestrials I suppose). In the seventh level of infinity, meaning is distilled from emotion and experience and separated from it's progenitor organism in the forms of writing, speaking, technology, music, law, etc. Seven is the Neurogenetic consciousness, the Crown chakra, it is religion, math, science, everything that can be passed down to future generations. Seven is God, Mind, drugs, medicine, gourmet cooking, civilization, evolution, etc.

If six is the natural world, seven extends to the supernatural. ESP, prophecy, precognition, and all manner of ritual and magick are very 'seven'. Seven is what separates the signal from the noise, as shown in the picture above. Seven is the meaning behind the symbol, it is invisible and silent understanding; Logos, the Word. Letters drawn on paper with ink are three dimensional trails, maps to decode with the seventh dimensional air element Mind.

The seventh Tarot archetype is The Chariot which relates to the focus and drive that brings understanding and furthers civilization. The inclination of seven is Law, it's sense is hearing and understanding. To recap, the fifth dimension can be measured in pain and pleasure, the sixth in joy and sadness, the seventh in fact and fiction.