The sixth dimension picks up where five leaves off, just as the sixth color indigo is a deepening of the sky blue of five. We know the sixth dimension as the sense of sight, which is to touch as life is to time. Sight is the way organisms touch each other without actually touching each other. It is incredible that any being can transmit it's essence to another without doing anything but being seen.

Six is the animal level of life experience. Emotions are reflected most clearly in facial expressions. Emotional signals can also be carried through sound in the form of barks, screams, whistling, whining, purring, etc. Six is where we experience love & hate, trust, pride, friendship, color, personality, memories, and communion with our natural world.

The sixth Tarot archetype is the Lovers, the sixth chakra corresponds to the third eye or pituitary gland, the Neuroelectric Circuit (from Timothy Leary's work), and the experience of healing. Six is the Soul/ Ego, the human expression of the water element - emotion, the inclination towards Goodness, and the higher resonanace of the number two.