Maureen Kelly and Sundhara Barrable's instrumental album: Treasure Falls. This collection of original flute

and folk harp music is now available on cd at and on cassette by mail order.


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"Your music soars straight to my soul! Simply beautiful."

"I believe this is the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It is nearly breath taking. Thank you."

"Love your cd"



WAV samples:

from "Green Tea" 216k WAV 20 sec 11.1kHz

from "Pagosa Sunrise" 192k WAV18 sec 11.1kHz

from "Lazy Samba" 100k WAV13 sec 8.0kHz


Treasure Falls was composed and recorded in a single session on June 13, 1997 in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The music is presented as it was created; unedited except for the order of the tracks.

Maureen Kelly and Sundhara Barrable have combined flute and harp to create a beautiful and relaxing musical experience. Drawing from classical and folk influences, Treasure Falls makes a wonderful addition to any quality music collection and a great gift :-)


To order the Treasure Falls cassette, send $7.98 + $2.00 postage & handling to:

Treasure Falls
P.O. Box 40462
Santa Barbara, CA 93140-0462

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 Green Tea (2:13)

 All is Lost (4:20)

 Pagosa Sunrise (3:03)

 Treasure Falls (3:20)

 Stirling Night (3:11)

 The Spinning Wheel (4:09)

 Lazy Samba (5:00)

 Variations on Greensleeves (3:00)

 Kiva Prayer (3:48)

 Miribai (5:40)

 Persephone's Dream (4:00)